Hey sugar.

I'm Emma! The girl behind this hot mess. If you don't know me yet, you probably will get to know me through social media and this website. I'm located in California as of now, I hope to move back to Denver one day, Go Broncos! BUT, who knows what will end up happening- for now, this is my focus and it doesn't really matter what part of the Earth I'm living in.

If you don't know me, I was on a reality show in March 2016 on MTV, though it was the most miserable situation I've ever been in, the money I won from doing it allowed me to start this business, so for that, I am SO very much thankful.

I am also so thankful for the people it sent me, friends from the show and friends on social media that inspire me everyday to follow me passions and be a better human being! I love you guys most for telling me that I'm funny and for always complimenting my style, I mean... I guess I didn't win best dressed in high school for no reason? Right?

I am starting out here, starting somewhat afraid, starting with little experience, and with pure passion for it.

I have honestly lost track of how many hours I've spent researching, preparing and looking for cute clothes ( I am picky as HELL ) ... but it doesn't matter if I do it 23 hours a day because to me it truly doesn't even feel like work. : )

So for right now, everything happening behind the scenes and in front of you, will be mostly me, and sometimes my mother packing your clothes and shipping them off.

Maybe one day I will have an amazing story to tell and a huge business where I can employ a ton of other great people. Who knows, and who cares because we only have right now. So do what ya want... and if you cant do that , do what you need to do- until you can do what you wanna do!


Emma Sweigard

If you ever need to contact me directly, please email me at EMMA@shopGND.com.

If you are looking to contact the store, please email HEYGIRL@shopGND.com.